London School of Economics: Old Building – AHU Upgrades

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London School of Economics: Old Building – AHU Upgrades

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This project at the London School of Economics was for the replacement of the existing Clipper Air Handling Unit serving the Basement area of the Old Building on their Holborn campus.

Works also included modifications to the existing ductwork to ultimately improve the air balance across the system. Initial works were carried out to extend the existing concrete base. This was due to the larger footprint of the newly specified AHU. The new AHU was procured and was to be delivered to site in small, manageable sections, to allow for the parts to be manhandled into the plant room, due to the fact that access doors through to the plant room were narrow and space was extremely tight.

Whilst the new AHU was on order, the heating and cooling circuits were decommissioned and pipework disconnected from the existing AHU. New VCDs were installed into the existing ductwork and certain areas were blanked off to achieve a better air balance.

Over a weekend shutdown, the existing AHU was decommissioned, disconnected from the distribution ductwork and stripped down into small sections to enable removal from site through the narrow doorways. The concrete base was painted prior to the new AHU installation. On completion of the installation, temporary ductwork was installed so that the system could be run to provide air into the basement working areas.

The following week, the heating and cooling circuits were re-piped, tested and commissioned. Ductwork was manufactured and installed to connect the new AHU spigot to the existing supply distribution ductwork. Final electrical connections including BMS works followed to complete the project.

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