As part of an organisational commitment to upholding high standards, we safeguard the health and safety of our own personnel and the wider communities within which we operate. We are pro-active in minimising our impact on the environment and continuously seek ways to improve upon our activities.

Sykes operates an Integrated Management System throughout our activities. ISO 9001 was obtained, and has been maintained since 1995, in 2009 Sykes became certified to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 was added in 2013.

All procedures and processes required by the above internationally respected systems are applied throughout our works. Employ a full time QHSE Co-Ordinator to monitor these standards and ensure compliance across the business.


With BS EN ISO9001:2008 in place, clients can be assured that effective systems are used to ensure that the highest possible standard of workmanship is obtained and delivered in the most economic time frame.

Auditing and Monitoring
The main responsibility for the active monitoring of our performance and procedures lies with our QHSE Co-Ordinator, himself an ISO 9001 lead auditor. Regular visits are made to all sites and compliance with the relevant standards is checked and monitored.

Auditing is completed with a system of continual auditing, from site safety inspections by managers and the QSHE department, with action plans and close-out dates, to external auditing by accredited bodies such as BSI.

Continuous Improvement
At project completion, Sykes initiate in-house ‘wash up’ meetings in order to review and assess the successes and failings of a project, identify areas for improvement and establish targets for future works. This process ensures our commitment to continuous improvement.

Health & Safety

Sykes operate Health & Safety procedures in line with our BS OHSAS 18001 accreditation. The H&S policy ensures compliance, whatever the contract.

Continual Improvement
Whilst proud of our safety performance, accreditations and approach, we remain mindful not to allow complacency to erode the high standards we adhere to. Sykes are working hard to facilitate continual improvement and best manage Health & Safety on site. This approach was rewarded by the recent achievement of BS OHSAS 18001.

Training and Advice
Our Health and Safety team provides site-specific training and advice, and in addition offers guidance to our clients, in order to improve their own Health and Safety.

Zero-Tolerance Approach
By operating a zero-tolerance policy for ‘risk-takers’ and conducting a thorough investigation into any breach that may be found, our own procedures go beyond the accepted Health and Safety Executive (HSE) standards.

CDM Compliance
Within the scope of projects we undertake, you can be assured of full CDM compliance at all levels, encompassing Design, Principal Contractor duties or Contractor status.

Sykes utilises the services of The Health and Safety People Ltd, one of the UK’s most respected health and safety consultancies, for their expertise and support in relation to all health and safety matters.


Sykes as a company are committed to the principles and requirements of sustainability, including sustainable procurement, construction waste, water, gas and electricity management. Our environmentally friendly approach has been recognised by our ISO 14001 accreditation.

Carbon Footprint Reduction
Sykes have implemented a number of steps to reduce our carbon footprint, minimising the rate at which our operations affect climate-change.

Photovoltaic Panels
We have invested in Photovoltaic panels at our head office to provide energy to support the business operations and feed in to the grid. We have also achieved the MIS 3002: Solar Photovoltaic Microgeneration Systems accreditation and talks are already underway with several prestigious clients to help them to succeed in their sustainability objectives with the use of solar technology.

Leading Edge Technology
Sykes strongly promotes, supports and develops sustainable carbon reducing solutions embracing leading edge technology in diverse applications. Wherever possible we will specify ECA approved plant and equipment, thereby enabling clients to take advantage of the capital allowance available.

Waste Management
Sykes adopt some very good projects in reducing waste going to landfill – we actively work with an organisation called NISP through which we obtain details of businesses that are involved in active recycling and re-use of waste materials created by our work – this has in the past involved in recycling/re-using waste MDF board in new worktops, old carpet tiles and waste metals.

Most of our contracts now involve the creation of Site Waste Management Plans, the aim of which is to predict the amount and nature of waste likely to be generated from our work so that we can identify any possible initiatives that could be undertaken to reduce the environmental impact of our waste production – we have also recently enrolled in the Mayor of London’s Responsible Procurement Scheme and we have embarked on the governments Sustainable Procurement Flexible Framework scheme the aim of which is to imbed sustainability principles across the entire company.

Environmentally Friendly Working Practices
Examples of other environmentally aware working practices include the use of smart lighting and lighting controls, CHP, thermal imaging technology etc.

Sykes employ the services of The Olive Consultancy Ltd, one of the UKs leading environmental consultancies to provide us with strategic advice, environmental training and support with new schemes and initiatives.