Since our inception, some 250 years ago, we have remained dynamic and flexible, adapting and evolving to meet industry trends and client demands.

Bespoke Service Delivery 

At the heart of the business is a company ethos of offering tailored solutions in order to meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of our clients.

‘One Stop Shop’ Solution 

The three distinct disciplines within our business give us the ability to work independently or – where opportunities exist – offer a ‘one stop shop’ solution to client’s needs.

Our full turnkey solution covers all critical aspects of a project delivery from conception through to completion. This includes objective setting, feasibility studies, planning, design development, enabling works, construction and builder’s work, mechanical and electrical services, commissioning, aftercare and on-going  maintenance. 

  • Applying 250 years of industry experience to client's needs. 
  • Redefining expectations of a modern day contractor.
  • Incorporating the full scope of building and engineering services. 
  • Rationalising resources and raising supply chain efficiency.
  • Providing on-going support and maintenance beyond the construction period.
  • Conception to Completion to Continuation.
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Integrating Design, Construction and Maintenance 

We believe that the practical delivery of high-performance buildings can only come from a forward thinking, integrated approach to building efficiency and working methodologies. The alignment of design and construction phases with asset management and maintenance retains a buildings purpose from conception to operation.

Streamlining Supply Chain

The opportunity to partner with one contractor streamlines your supply chain management and produces multiple benefits across the board. A commitment to continuity from the client and to continuous improvement from the contractor is what fosters long term relationships. The strategic benefits of engaging fewer contractors carries inherent time and cost savings. This results in consistency and quality of service, shared risk, avoidance of litigation, rapid response and issue resolution.

Having Building and M&E specialists under one roof, supported by a dedicated Help Desk, we believe we can provide a rapid response to any request, event or emergency, giving our clients total peace of mind that their demands will be met within the time frame given.

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