Directors - Dec 2016

Across our business, we focus on delivering “the personal touch” to our clients and we directly employ over 100 in-house staff covering a vast range of management and trade based skills similarly dedicated to meeting our client’s needs.

Pro-Active Management
Whilst we are of a size large enough to take on multi-million projects, our senior management maintain a hands-on approach to ensure client satisfaction.

Long-Serving Staff
Sykes pride ourselves on retention of staff – both management and operatives, with a very low staff turnover across the business, giving client’s confidence of both stability and performance. We currently employ over 20 staff with over 20 years’ service for the business.

Large In-House Labour Force
We self-deliver the majority of our work, from our large directly employed pool of labour. This allows us greater flexibility in resourcing projects and meeting ever changing workload commitments and guarantees the client consistency and quality of delivery.

Our team are highly regarded for their skill and expertise in building fabric refurbishment, repairs and restoration, mechanical and electrical services installation and maintenance.

Board of Directors
Left to right:

Chris O'Donnell,
Andrew Burr,
Peter Banks,
John Elwood

  Team 1
 Team 2